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Common Mistakes When Diet

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Common Mistakes When Diet
            - Already on a diet, but the body is still fat? Maybe there is something wrong with your diet. Dr Amanda Sainbury-Salis, author of Weight-Loss Plant Works, identify common mistakes made dieters. In addition to not carefully monitor the taste is really hungry, he also found that people whose diets usually fail: 1. Do not eat vegetables and fruit in a number memadai.Orang that failed diets usually only feel satisfaction after eating high-calorie foods. To work around this, add a little olive oil or butter in a food. As soon as you get the signal back hungry, you will learn that the olive oil and butter not only make food more delicious, but also increase the value kepuasannya.2. Many snack and beverage intake high kalori.Meski small size, usually fattening snack, like alcohol. Especially alcohol, is often wrong signal that the body is kelaparan.3. Consumption of food that it saja.Tubuh requires at least 30 different types of food in a week to supply nutrients. When the diet is run reduce one type of nutrients, the body such as orders to keep eating to get the kind of nutrients that dibutuhkan.4. diet too sempurna.Menuruti all foods that are prohibited can keep us on the condition of bingeing when encounter these foods. Should remain in portions kecil.5 consumption. Not doing physical activity in a number of good cukup.Paling is exercising moderately, with a portion of 60-90 minutes, every day. Choose walking hurriedly that can be done at any time. (GHS / est)

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